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What People Are Saying

“An eye-opening event for me in a professional and personal perspective.” Yana Boozova

Aalborg Lean Startup Night, UCN student

“Before the meeting I wasn’t aware of the interrelations between Business Model Canvas components. I also learned how to use BMC to map out my business hypothesis that I should validate.” Vanessa Arellano

Individual Consultation, CBS student

“After participating in the in the Lean Startup vs Common Sense without prior knowledge of the subject, I left with a desire of learning more. The guests invited to speak on the subject (especially Paul Iske), were very knowledgeable and conveyed their information very clearly. The thought-provoking program was inspiring, therefore, I will definitely attend the following events organized by leanit.co”

Liliana De Sanca Cabra

Copenhagen Lean Startup Night, CBA student, Yoga Studio