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18:00pm – 20:30pm

Dare2mansion at SingularityU Nordic

the role of customer development in the lean startup – april 11th

By Cindy Alvarez and Jan Bigos

5 master customer development questions
Many product teams postpone customer development interviews because they’re overwhelmed and not sure what to ask.  Don’t worry! There are a few question templates that work fairly universally – regardless of which industry and which type of customer.  In this talk, Cindy will walk through her 5 master questions and why they work.  You’ll be ready to start asking them of your prospective customers tomorrow.

18:00pm – 20:30pm


Free workshops on business model canvas

By Jan Bigos

Business model canvas as a tool to apply the lean startup

past events


18:00pm - 20:30pm

Aalborg Bibliotekerne

aalborg lean startup night – march 12th

By Josh Tyson, Visual Systems Designer

Basics of lean startup
During the event, you will have a chance to get to know basics of the Lean Startup methods, listen to our guest speaker and network with entrepreneurs from Aalborg. The Lean Startup methods are applied both in startups and established corporations. Therefore, we invite everyone who is interested in learning fast, failing faster and limiting resource waste along the way of product development processes.

18:00pm - 20:30pm

Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

Copenhagen lean startup night – February 13th

By Jan Bigos, Benjamin Busk, and Paul Iske.

Lean Startup methods vs. common sense
Since the Lean Startup (LS) Principles are often described as being intuitive they tend to be used only to a certain degree while skipping crucial aspects. During the event, we will unfold the full potential of the LS, so participants can capture the full value of the concept.

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